The trend to have printed circuit boards produced in low-wage countries is unchanged. However, we are seeing an increasing number of circuit boards that cannot be soldered properly. These do not come close to meeting the placement and soldering standards required by the electronics industry.

This is where we start with our know-how. As soon as your printed circuit boards have been delivered to us, they will be stored. Here circuit boards in the copper state for a subsequent coating or already coated circuit boards with chemical tin, chem. OSP, chem. silver or electroless nickel/gold (ENIG) and electroless nickel/palladium/gold (ENEPIG) finishes. Goods that have already been coated can only be used for reworking, they can then either be refreshed (e.g. tin on tin) or treated with the FinalClean process (cleaning and reactivation).

The storage creates a safety buffer, which gives you the advantage of faster response times. We ensure a high-quality soldering surface, just-in-time on your assembly lines.